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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
4:43 pm

Me and iain are gonna go to a strip club together one day! its gonna be SOO FUNNY! im so excitted! its going to rock!!!!!!! but i want my own private show..................................................................................................................................................................................

if you catch my drift.....................

Lata crazy fish monkeys


Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
1:46 pm
wow i really want to hook up with a athlete wowsers im so sex crazed its scary sumtimes.

Current Mood: anxious
Friday, November 19th, 2004
6:28 pm
hmm no interesting titles..

I hate lables! they are acctually my worst enemies! because like i mean fuck people judge you by your lable, black, white, gay, straight, old, young, short tall... we dont need lables to confine us! i mean i can be who i want! and one thing that bugs me right now.. is everyone who is asking questions about me.. does it behind my back.. and ive been so scared of people finding out! but i mean i dont gotta be when they ask around "is rose a lesbian" i just say Im me gotta problem? im not different.. if antyhing im better! grr stupid people in highshcool prolly easier to hide in college huh. well i was htinking of something that is hilarious... you could sign me out of school.. not that ill have school when i see you but it would be so funny cuz you acctually could just walk into my school and sign me out and its not skipping bahaha cuz yur 18 and ya well i think its funny kind of pointless!

im going to tommys house tonight for a while... :P its gonna be fun fun in the sun.. its been so warm here! i wish you were here darling :P


PS ive been to timmys hoes twice already today and im going again with tommy! BAHAHAHAhA yeah canada!

Current Mood: chipper
Monday, November 15th, 2004
1:51 am
welcome welcome
hey there i would liek to welcome u to my lil community here, its not much and nothin special i just got bored one day and made it up but im glad u found it. now we can have our own lil chats cuz noone knows about this here community.hehe well welcome my dear and i hope u like it here.\~C

Current Mood: excited to have u
Saturday, November 13th, 2004
1:00 pm
hey darling

i was looking for new communities with unconspicuous names and this one popped up, i thought it was very cool, then i see whos in it.. and what do you kno... its my old buddy :P! i just thought id join and give you a shout out! so you wanted to talk about problems in here... so i think i gotz one for you, all my friends seem to forget about me after 3:15, when school gets out, and it makes me sad! in grade 8 and stuff i was a pimp i got everyone i wanted everyone! now.. in highschool well... i guess i still get the majority of the people i want.. but right now.. theres someone i want and i cant have! and it sucks majorly! i mean since the end of last year, i have had a none stop flow of boyfriends and now girlfriends since like last may as soon as i break up or dump one, another one is waiting. right now im dating this girl, shes like my bestfriend but i don tlove her anymore.. so tonight im going to break up with her.. and i am very sad about it! also right now im all dressed up with no where to go, me and my friend were off to the thrift store when we got in a fight and she was like screw you im not comming! so now im all sad because i was very excited for shopping and i got all dolled up and she bailed! my luck huh? and also i can alone talk about sex to one friend, iain and sometimes tommy *notice how they are both guys* because all my friends of the female variety dont like discussing it! half of them wont even admit that they have ever masturbated! grr common let out the sexual energy! i have hours of it! and no one to talk about it! ya i can talk to 2 guys about it but i want some girls to chat about sex with! do you ever feel that girls can be more prudish, like with boys they are all dominant and alllll over you and then girls expect the other person to be the dominator! i mean i just want someone who will be all "oh ya we are supposed to go to a movie.. BUT i need you right now i got to have you right here and now" and its all like wow im wanted but with girls its like hmm the movie starts at 8.. we should leave at.. and be home by... i want to get recklace and shit! i want like a female pornstar in my bed! i want to discover her and i want every night to be an adventure! i havent gone very far with a chick, i mean ive gone down on one and shes gone down on me.. but it lasted like 2 seconds and barely got me off cuz it was soo short.. talk about a one minute man.. erm in this case woman! and i mean thats all that ever happens.. i want variety.. it is the spice of  life you know..

okay i think im done.. if you dont want in your community i wont post again just got bored and found it while searching interests and ya..

love darling,


Current Mood: predatory
Thursday, November 4th, 2004
4:51 pm
i feel like everyone around me is finding someone they can be with, and just hold and talk to. everyone but me. i kno thats not completely true and not everyone is finding someone to be with them, but man it sure feels like it.i mean honestly i havent cuddled with someone in 6 months i dont even kno if i found someone that i would know what to do with them its been so long. i feel like if i cuddled with someone i'd prolly cream my pants. i mean its weird i'm not used to that feeling back in ny i always got it when i wanted it.(wow that sounds cocky) but seriously even before i had a gf there i could seriously go out to a party and there would be at least one chic or guy there that would want to get with me.and i'd usually get with the girls over the guys just cuz their better. idk how i did it but i did and now i've been away from that for so long i mean i was wanted in ny and now i'm kinda just somethin ppl look at n yea i've gotten my looks (mostly from guys) and idk even the girls here who do look aren't wut i'm lookin for.beggers cant be choosers i guess. but then theres the x factor. i havent been with a girl since i started gettin with her. so now i feel like the only one i kno how to please is her and that i really dont remember how i did that.very confusing. but has anyone ever felt like they were just kinda used and then discarded when they weren't needed or avaliable anymore?

Current Mood: i just dont understand
Friday, October 1st, 2004
12:47 am
welcome all
hey there everybody just thought i'd break the ice and let everyone kno who i am and that this is my 1st community. a little about me....
name/nickname: Cristina
age: 18
location:jacksonville, fl
b-day: july 14
fav color(s): blue(any shade)
height: 5'8''
weight: fluctuate b/w 130 and 135
fav tv show(s): not big on tv, but family guy, that 70s show, friends
fav type of music: not picky as long as it has a good beat ill listen to it,but i like hip hop n emo(crazy mix huh?)
fav movie(s): willy wonka, stand by me, but i'm a cheerleader, nething w/ angelina jolie!!!
pet peeve(s): ppl who repeat the word "like" more then once in a sentence.other than that i'm good.
hobby(ies)/interest(s):sports(i play college soccer, but luv all sports),listenin to music,collectin monopoly games,dancing,working out,cooking,cars,photography,and giving massages,designing shirts.
relationship status:had love for the 1st time then lost her, but havent changed my feelins for her
fav kiss type: i just like kissin,but i melt w/ lip bitin or suckin and tongue strokin,bitin or suckin
5 words that describe u: honest,humorous,compassionate,couragous,adventurous
dream date: late night picnic under the stars on a big comfy blanket w/ her
drugs<use<mind if other use:used to be bad but i've been good for myself n soccer<dont mind smoker<mind it:cigars on occation not cigs tho, dont mind prefer not, but dont blow it in my face drink<mind it: yes on occation not really durin soccer,dont mind it, but remember me the next day pets<or animal u wish u had: dog but she died,baby snow tiger or baby monkey, bunnies r sweet too. fav food(s): smoothies there my life,detour protein bars,eggs made neway,CEREAL...yumyum tattoo(s)/piercing(s)<mind em: no tat yet lookin for my design,tongue and 2 in ears lookin 2 increase ear#, dont mind at all i think their hott. random fact about urself: i'm 50% cuban and 50% mexican and accordin to most ppl i make a damn good lookin italian. hehe ok so if u enter this community try an ice breaker an fill in some of the questions that i did. u dont have to do them all unless u want to then feel free. and if u wanna chat with me also feel free i wont bite. hope everyone who joins likes my community and has fun and gets ne help they need with ne problems they are facing no matter how big or small. ill chat ya'll up lata!!! ;-)

Current Mood: happy
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