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hmm no interesting titles..

I hate lables! they are acctually my worst enemies! because like i mean fuck people judge you by your lable, black, white, gay, straight, old, young, short tall... we dont need lables to confine us! i mean i can be who i want! and one thing that bugs me right now.. is everyone who is asking questions about me.. does it behind my back.. and ive been so scared of people finding out! but i mean i dont gotta be when they ask around "is rose a lesbian" i just say Im me gotta problem? im not different.. if antyhing im better! grr stupid people in highshcool prolly easier to hide in college huh. well i was htinking of something that is hilarious... you could sign me out of school.. not that ill have school when i see you but it would be so funny cuz you acctually could just walk into my school and sign me out and its not skipping bahaha cuz yur 18 and ya well i think its funny kind of pointless!

im going to tommys house tonight for a while... :P its gonna be fun fun in the sun.. its been so warm here! i wish you were here darling :P


PS ive been to timmys hoes twice already today and im going again with tommy! BAHAHAHAhA yeah canada!

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