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welcome all

hey there everybody just thought i'd break the ice and let everyone kno who i am and that this is my 1st community. a little about me....
name/nickname: Cristina
age: 18
location:jacksonville, fl
b-day: july 14
fav color(s): blue(any shade)
height: 5'8''
weight: fluctuate b/w 130 and 135
fav tv show(s): not big on tv, but family guy, that 70s show, friends
fav type of music: not picky as long as it has a good beat ill listen to it,but i like hip hop n emo(crazy mix huh?)
fav movie(s): willy wonka, stand by me, but i'm a cheerleader, nething w/ angelina jolie!!!
pet peeve(s): ppl who repeat the word "like" more then once in a sentence.other than that i'm good.
hobby(ies)/interest(s):sports(i play college soccer, but luv all sports),listenin to music,collectin monopoly games,dancing,working out,cooking,cars,photography,and giving massages,designing shirts.
relationship status:had love for the 1st time then lost her, but havent changed my feelins for her
fav kiss type: i just like kissin,but i melt w/ lip bitin or suckin and tongue strokin,bitin or suckin
5 words that describe u: honest,humorous,compassionate,couragous,adventurous
dream date: late night picnic under the stars on a big comfy blanket w/ her
drugs<use<mind if other use:used to be bad but i've been good for myself n soccer<dont mind smoker<mind it:cigars on occation not cigs tho, dont mind prefer not, but dont blow it in my face drink<mind it: yes on occation not really durin soccer,dont mind it, but remember me the next day pets<or animal u wish u had: dog but she died,baby snow tiger or baby monkey, bunnies r sweet too. fav food(s): smoothies there my life,detour protein bars,eggs made neway,CEREAL...yumyum tattoo(s)/piercing(s)<mind em: no tat yet lookin for my design,tongue and 2 in ears lookin 2 increase ear#, dont mind at all i think their hott. random fact about urself: i'm 50% cuban and 50% mexican and accordin to most ppl i make a damn good lookin italian. hehe ok so if u enter this community try an ice breaker an fill in some of the questions that i did. u dont have to do them all unless u want to then feel free. and if u wanna chat with me also feel free i wont bite. hope everyone who joins likes my community and has fun and gets ne help they need with ne problems they are facing no matter how big or small. ill chat ya'll up lata!!! ;-)
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