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hey darling

i was looking for new communities with unconspicuous names and this one popped up, i thought it was very cool, then i see whos in it.. and what do you kno... its my old buddy :P! i just thought id join and give you a shout out! so you wanted to talk about problems in here... so i think i gotz one for you, all my friends seem to forget about me after 3:15, when school gets out, and it makes me sad! in grade 8 and stuff i was a pimp i got everyone i wanted everyone! now.. in highschool well... i guess i still get the majority of the people i want.. but right now.. theres someone i want and i cant have! and it sucks majorly! i mean since the end of last year, i have had a none stop flow of boyfriends and now girlfriends since like last may as soon as i break up or dump one, another one is waiting. right now im dating this girl, shes like my bestfriend but i don tlove her anymore.. so tonight im going to break up with her.. and i am very sad about it! also right now im all dressed up with no where to go, me and my friend were off to the thrift store when we got in a fight and she was like screw you im not comming! so now im all sad because i was very excited for shopping and i got all dolled up and she bailed! my luck huh? and also i can alone talk about sex to one friend, iain and sometimes tommy *notice how they are both guys* because all my friends of the female variety dont like discussing it! half of them wont even admit that they have ever masturbated! grr common let out the sexual energy! i have hours of it! and no one to talk about it! ya i can talk to 2 guys about it but i want some girls to chat about sex with! do you ever feel that girls can be more prudish, like with boys they are all dominant and alllll over you and then girls expect the other person to be the dominator! i mean i just want someone who will be all "oh ya we are supposed to go to a movie.. BUT i need you right now i got to have you right here and now" and its all like wow im wanted but with girls its like hmm the movie starts at 8.. we should leave at.. and be home by... i want to get recklace and shit! i want like a female pornstar in my bed! i want to discover her and i want every night to be an adventure! i havent gone very far with a chick, i mean ive gone down on one and shes gone down on me.. but it lasted like 2 seconds and barely got me off cuz it was soo short.. talk about a one minute man.. erm in this case woman! and i mean thats all that ever happens.. i want variety.. it is the spice of  life you know..

okay i think im done.. if you dont want in your community i wont post again just got bored and found it while searching interests and ya..

love darling,


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