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just keep swimming

gotta keep ur head up even when the road gets rough

for the curious ladies out there 16 to 25
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ok so i wanted to start a community for the girls out there who dont really understand the way they feel about well their feelings. i made this community so those girls can chat about those feelings and possible recieve help from others about them. being curious isnt something that should freak girls out they should just realize that their not alone and that there are many others out there who have at one point in their lives (prehaps even now) felt the same way. i know its not easy not knowing wut u want and at times that can cause problems or wutever. well this community is out to help girls with just such life affecting problems. who knows mayb they can even meet some cool ppl in this community and possibly even find someone who they might want to get involved with. there are no limitations to wut can be asked or talked about in this community i want ppl to feel comfortable and in good hands. so feel free to join and i'll be more than happy to let you in. enjoy urself at this community and know that you can come here whenever you need to talk or even just get something off your chest.